The Confession of Tobias Tucker by Sherri Stone

The Confession of Tobias Tucker by Sherri Stone deals with family secrets. Innocent people are hurt when family tragedies are covered up. Most of us don’t have secrets of the magnitude of Tobias Tucker’s family, but the degree and magnitude of the secrets lead to an exciting story. The sexual secrets that most families hold don’t send us to graves, but nevertheless kill part of us.

When bad behaviors are allowed to continue, they can be passed to the next generation. If we don’t have the courage to report the wrongdoer, he or she will continue to hurt others. God doesn’t want family secrets. He says whatever is whispered behind closed doors, He will shout from the rooftops. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle family secrets, and Sherri Stone does a great job showing the difference. Her knowledge of psychology from being a social worker makes this story believable and relevant. I highly recommend this book.

The Confession of Tobias Tucker by Sherri Stone

2 thoughts on “The Confession of Tobias Tucker by Sherri Stone

  1. This sounds like a good book. I may try it. Right now I am reading a two book series and I am on the second book. It is a story about a cop/detective. It takes place in Seattle, WA and a rural mountain area, perhaps similar to where we live. Our neighbor in Norris Shores wrote the books and they are really good.

    1. Sherri Stone is a good friend of mine in Marianna. I will miss her when I leave. I have been a small part of editing her third book through word weavers and hopefully encouraging her to finish it. She, in turn, has been a great encourager to me and has helped me edit a lot of my novel, Denial of the Enemy. She is a great writer and her books are the best self-published books I have read.

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