Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard is a well-written, thought-provoking book about two sisters – Kimberly caught in the undertow of self-absorption and isolation and Kathy caught in the undertow of a premature birth with hearing aids, thick glasses and a low IQ. Those of us with siblings relate to Kimberly and Kathy as they move through their own undertows and respond to the undertows of their sibling(s). They both need saviors – Kathy chooses Jesus and Kimberly chooses books. Kathy spreads love and joy while Kimberly rejects it. The sisters begin life sharing the same bed, loving each other. The book ends with one of the sisters in bed hoping the other will come home.  This is a must-read for those with siblings. In the end don’t we all wish our siblings will come home?

Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

4 thoughts on “Sisters of the Undertow by Johnnie Bernhard

  1. I wonder if I could get this book through Amazon and have it on my Kindle. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Sibling relationships can be pretty hard to manage at times, as we both know. Nothing in life comes without effort. I am glad that we took the time to communicate about sibling issues. Our relationship has grown into a beautiful story between two sisters. I thank God everyday that we have each other, Jody. I love you so very much!!

    1. You would probably enjoy the book, especially because Kathy, the sister who chose Jesus, was in special education. I read it on Kindle, so it is definitely available. The relationship between Kathy and Kimberly isn’t as beautiful as ours because we have both chosen Jesus as our savior, but Kathy tries, and the story ends with Kimberly needing her. As I said in my devotion, I hope Johnnie Bernhard writes a sequel showing the redemption of Kimberly and the redemption of the two sisters.

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