Does God love me?

Today, sitting on the deck of cabin surrounded by treetops, a nearby mountain peak, and a 200-foot drop to the creek below, I feel the overwhelming love of God. Yesterday, in a perfectly orchestrated event, He saved the lives of my son and a little boy. Without explanation, my son-in-law ran into the river where we were having a Labor Day picnic. He started swimming against the unforgiving current of the river not making any headway and called out for my son.

I saw a little boy on an innertube screaming, whirling 360 degrees at the mercy of the undertow. I screamed for my son to help. A second son-in-law jumped in the water and the current thrust him past the little boy. Then I saw my son also swimming in place with his brothers-in-law. Suddenly my son’s upper body lifted from the water and he swam with determination until the reached the little boy. They were both stuck in the current and my son tried four times to successfully push the boy to safety. The little boy’s father had abandoned his innertube and it ended up in the hands of my son-in-law who recognized my son was trapped in the current. He was able to get my son’s attention and throw it perfectly into his hands. My son held onto it while he let the current pull him to the bottom of the 7-foot-deep river and get momentum by pushing off the bottom. He broke free, and the whitecaps pushed him toward shore. He climbed to the shore bent over heaving up the water he had breathed into his lungs.

Today, I am so thankful for my son’s life and the lives of all my family. Accidents and health issues put our physical bodies in danger. We never know when our spirits will take on our heavenly bodies. I’m thankful God has further work for my son and the little boy to do on earth and spared their lives in a perfectly orchestrated event. I’m glad we had the perfect picnic site so my son was able to save a little boy’s life. I feel very loved by God today.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the lives of my loved ones and reminders that we have little time on earth to waste. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Does God love me?

6 thoughts on “Does God love me?

  1. So very thankful all ended well for Sammy and all involved. How very scary for everyone. With all the rain we’ve had there’s been a lot of warnings for unexpected tideS and currents in the rivers and lakes. Hope all your other time together was a great time. Lytm

    1. Thanks. We had a great time. Sammy was glad he was able to help. I hope it is a temporary thing. The river was raging.

  2. An amazing story but a lot of information is left out. Both son-in-laws were in the water and you have no ending info on that. Also, you concentrate only on your son. What happened to the poor little boy? Where was the little boy’s father?

    1. Sorry, both sons in law were okay. The little boy is likely to be traumatized for a while. Sammy pushed him out and the father caught him. The little boy’s father just stood in place. He did get off of his raft luckily so it was available for Sammy. I think Diego realized what happened before the boy’s father did. The little boy was 4 years old max.

  3. WOW…that is quite a story! Glad that Diego, Parker and Sammy are all OK. The little boy was the most helpless. Thanks to God for having an angel look out for him. The father will probably have PTSD the rest of his life. Guess your family was in that place for a reason!

    1. It was weird that the father had no signs of fear. Perhaps he was trying to keep calm for his son who was hysterical for a long time afterward. I am glad we were there.

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