Bible Study Devotional – Day 235 – Commentary Luke 10:3-4 – Are lambs stronger than wolves?

“Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Do not take a purse or bag or sandals; and do not greet anyone on the road.” Luke 10:3-4 

James L. Rubart in his novel, Memory’s Door, personifies the wolf as the spirit of legalism, all of the laws that Jesus came to set us free from. The Lamb is Jesus or those who spread his love. Rubart paints a picture of the spiritual world around a preacher who preaches laws that he thinks Christians should follow. Angels are not present, only Satan’s demons placing rocks in the backpacks of Christians, weighting them down. Jesus came, not to weight us down with rules, but to set us free from pain, guilt, and the enemy’s lies with His love.

Christians are lambs who spread Jesus’ love. The wolf is the enemy, the powers of this dark world who tell us we’re not good enough, we’re not worthy of love, we’re victims and that we need to get even. Lambs need to fight those thoughts because we know the truth. We don’t need baggage. We need to depend on Jesus to set us free.  

Father God, When you send me to spread your love to another, help me fight the wolf and know that I am good enough, that I am strong with Your power, and that I am not a victim. Help me know I have Your power to love and the power to give Your love away. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Bible Study Devotional – Day 235 – Commentary Luke 10:3-4 – Are lambs stronger than wolves?

4 thoughts on “Bible Study Devotional – Day 235 – Commentary Luke 10:3-4 – Are lambs stronger than wolves?

  1. Yes, lambs are stronger than wolves! I think that it is human nature to wish bad on someone that has wronged us. I feel that way about our builder. He is a horrible person filled with evil. When he walked away from us and the house, there were many times that I thought, perhaps we were better off without him. At the same time, I wished that he was suffering, like he made us suffer. I don’t seek revenge, I seek justice. I don’t know if I am a good Christian about all this. I know that I need to forgive him, but I am just not there yet. What does Jesus think about my attitude?

    1. Jesus understands how you feel. I think He wants to talk to you about it. God says, “Revenge is mine.” So I think we need to trust God for that and/or justice. Is there a difference in our minds? I also heard a certain relative by marriage has leukemia. I have had to trust the Holy Spirit to pray for me since I don’t know what to pray, but I didn’t cry when I heard the news. It makes me hope that our family can be put back together. But only God knows. I have to trust Him.

  2. I didn’t cry either. I am sorry he is sick because of his wife and what this will do to her, but I don’t feel the need to send a card! I, too, wonder if our family will be put back together after his death. I have put so much of this in God’s hands, because at times I am not sure what to pray. I do not want to be vengeful but I know that this might be his Karma on Earth. I know when he is facing Jesus in the end, he will have to account for everything that he has done to disassemble our family. He is like a one man wrecking machine that attends church every Sunday, and thinks that he is a good Christian. I just shake my head…SMH

    1. Again, I don’t believe in Karma because too many people are sick who don’t deserve it. I know God will give him what he deserves. Only He knows hearts and the life trauma that we have been through. I pray with God’s help future generations won’t be affected.

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