Bible Study Devotional – Day 208 – Commentary Luke 9:3-4 – What makes you happy?

He told them: “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt. Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that town.”

I have a friend in Mount Dora with multiple sclerosis (MS). She’s a preacher’s wife but also a real estate agent to make ends meet. Most days she’s uncomfortable but walks with a cane and a smile on her face. She doesn’t rely on comfort to make her happy; she relies on God, family, and friends. A smile stretches across my face when I think of her.

Jesus wanted his apostles to be like my friend and not rely on comfort to make them happy. They were not to spend time searching for the most comfortable place to live. He wanted them to be happy healing, driving out demons, and proclaiming God’s kingdom. He also wanted them to rely solely on God for their needs. Later in Luke 22:35 Jesus asks them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. God provided for them.

Dearest Heavenly Father, thank you for selfless friends and family who put smiles on my face. Help me to be happy in any situation because I know I can depend on You, Father, for everything. I pray in Jesus’ precious and holy name. Amen.

Bible Study Devotional – Day 208 – Commentary Luke 9:3-4 – What makes you happy?

2 thoughts on “Bible Study Devotional – Day 208 – Commentary Luke 9:3-4 – What makes you happy?

  1. I can really relate to this devotion because of Drew having MS. It is hard to deal with a chronic and debilitating disease. You have told me about your friend before and she is someone to be admired for handling her disease and life with such grace. She obviously has great faith. I know how difficult that can be from my own life experience. I guess everyone handles something like this a little differently. Drew is more stoic, I guess. He just never complains about his situation. He just tries to keep going the best that he can. I know that some days are very difficult for him by the way he walks and how tired he becomes. It isn’t easy to watch. I guess, like your friend, he doesn’t rely on physical comfort to get through a day, because those days are rare now. I am such a creature of comfort. It makes me feel guilty when I see what others go through. We do not live like Jesus or the Apostles did 2000 years ago. I understand what Jesus asked his Apostles to do. Even though our living conditions are so different now, His words are still relevant when it comes to how we obtain our comfort, inner peace, how we live our life, and what makes us joyous. Everyone has problems and struggles, so we have to be determined and faithful. I think that most happy people receive that joy from family and friends that they love. Mental health advocates always say, surround yourself with people that lift you up and bring you joy. For me and for Drew, that is where the true comfort of life comes from.

    1. Drew is also to be admired. Physically, he is actually doing better than my friend who sometimes needs double loftstrand crutches to walk. I never see him sitting in a chair feeling sorry for himself. He does as much as he can and sometimes more than he should. I love our family zoom meetings that have resulted from COVID-19. We are all together for three hours and don’t run out of things to talk about. Family and sharing God’s love through my writing keep me very happy.

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