Blog – Day 4 – What would Jesus do?


God calls on us to love, not to judge! Christian bakers have been sued for refusing to bake wedding cakes for gay couples.  I totally understand that these bakers are truly sad for people who are getting married to someone of the same sex instead of becoming one with God.  But I have questions that I don’t necessarily have the correct answers to.  Are the Christian bakers acting in love as God asks us to?  Some might say there is “tough love” there.  Have the Christian bakers never committed a sexual sin? Not many of us have lived life without committing a sexual sin. Most Christians have had sex before marriage, but some of us are quick to condemn young unmarried adults, making them feel unwelcome at church.  The sexual sins of most Christians happen behind closed doors.  Lust is a sexual sin, but that is also easily hidden.  Homosexuality is right out there in the open, so it is easy for us to point our fingers.  But should we, are we being loving by doing so? How do you feel about the Christian bakers? Were they right not to bake the cakes? Should they have said, “I don’t believe in gay marriage because the Bible says it is wrong, but I want to show you God’s love, so I will bake you the best wedding cake ever?” Or should they have just baked the wedding cake and not have said anything?  Should we attend the weddings of our gay friends? What would Jesus do? Please comment.

Blog – Day 4 – What would Jesus do?

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