Daily Devotional Acts 13:13-15 – What should we do when we feel abandoned? – Free online Bible Study – Commentary in easy English – Day 562

Paul and those with him sailed from Paphos and came to Perga, in Pamphylia. There John Mark left them to return to Jerusalem. They continued their trip from Perga and went to Antioch, a city in Pisidia. On the Sabbath day they went into the synagogue and sat down. After the law of Moses and the writings of the prophets were read, the leaders of the synagogue sent a message to Paul and Barnabas: “Brothers, if you have any message that will encourage the people, please speak.” (Acts 13:13-15)

Being abandoned is traumatic. I felt abandoned by siblings, childhood classmates, and my first husband. Many times I felt that no one cared about me except my mom.

When we’re abandoned therapists tell us we should focus on ourselves. We shouldn’t downplay our pain, we should challenge shame, be compassionate toward ourselves, and stop building a case against ourselves. (everettchristiancounseling.com/fear-of-abandonment/) It is important to understand our behaviors and break cycles that cause us anxiety, but we shouldn’t always focus on ourselves.

When I was young, I didn’t downplay my pain; I always frowned. And I wasn’t ashamed; I was angry, and I shut out the world. It’s natural to be angry when we’re abandoned. Paul was angry when John Mark abandoned him. We find out in Acts 15 that he refused to work with John Mark for a time. But Paul and John Mark worked through their anger because Paul eventually praised John Mark. Usually when someone abandons us, there isn’t a reconciliation, but we can choose to forgive as Paul and John Mark did.

The second thing Paul does after he’s abandoned is to stand up and encourage others. When we encourage others, we have an opportunity to change their lives by inspiring them to do something they might not otherwise do. And helping others makes us feel better about ourselves. God commands us to encourage one another because He knows everyone needs encouragement and it helps us connect with others. We will have more friends and not feel abandoned.

Father, I praise You for the wisdom in Your word. Help me understand my fears that cause negativity and unhealthy cycles, so I can give them to you and live joyously. Remind me to encourage others so they will be inspired to seek You and do Your will. In Christ’s name I pray, amen.

Daily Devotional Acts 13:13-15 – What should we do when we feel abandoned? – Free online Bible Study – Commentary in easy English – Day 562

4 thoughts on “Daily Devotional Acts 13:13-15 – What should we do when we feel abandoned? – Free online Bible Study – Commentary in easy English – Day 562

  1. It is painful for me to read this knowing that I caused you pain and made you feel abandoned. It makes me sad but also makes me think about our relationship and how it has changed for the better for both of us. I think that most relationships have highs and lows. I know that I have had highs and lows in every important relationship in my life. I think that time gives us perspective to look back on and see where we made mistakes in a relationship, that you don’t see clearly in the present. I think that age also gives us a different perspective…older and wiser.

    1. I’m sorry. Please know that I didn’t write that to make you feel bad. I don’t blame you at all. Mom and Dad rarely created situations where only our family did things together. The only time I can think of is when we went to the Doral. When we went to the beach, other vacations, or even the movies we were also with friends from church and were allowed to spend time with our friends instead of each other. When we were all together in Monterey, you spent a good deal of time with Kit and that situation was created for you. Anyway, I learned from that and have worked all my life at keeping my children close. They have so many good memories with each other, not to say they don’t ever fight! I am so thankful for our relationship now! I love you, Sis.

  2. When we went to California the first time and when we went to Colorado it was just our family. I know what you are saying but I always had fun on vacation. Parents are never perfect, and ours were no exception.

    1. You are right about California the first time. There were no other children involved so you and I had fun together, although Mom and Dad were with their friends. When we went to the Keeners you spent a lot of time with Jerry and I with Gwen. I was just saying I don’t think it was totally our faults that we weren’t close growing up. Mom and Dad didn’t promote the closeness although I’m sure they didn’t realize that.

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