Acts 8:9-13 – What can we learn from the story of Simon the Sorcerer? – Part 1

But there was a man named Simon in that city who had been practicing magic for some time and mystifying the people of Samaria. He pretended that he was somebody great, and everyone from the lowest to the highest, was fascinated by him. Indeed they used to say, “This man must be that great power of God.” He had influenced them for a long time, astounding them by his magical practices. But when they had come to believe Philip as he proclaimed to them the good news of the kingdom of God and of the name of Jesus Christ, men and women alike were baptized. Even Simon himself became a believer and after his baptism attached himself closely to Philip. As he saw the signs and remarkable demonstrations of power which took place, he lived in a state of constant wonder. (Acts 8:9-13)

The enemy worked through Simon the Sorcerer to perform magic and fool people into thinking he was a god. But we can tell if someone’s power is from God or Satan. God’s power always has a purpose. He doesn’t perform magic tricks nor does he work through people who pretend to be great. God works through the humble.

Simon became a believer and listened to Philip preach every day. He was done with the enemy, but, unfortunately the enemy wasn’t done with him. In his constant state of wonder, Simon questioned how he could become more powerful, not how he could be closer to God.

One lesson learned from Simon the Sorcerer is to identify what we wonder and think about. Do we contemplate thoughtful things we can do for our family and others and kind words we can say to spread God’s love.  Do we ponder the dreams He has placed in our hearts and the steps we need to take to fulfill those dreams? What you think about most is what you place on your throne.

Heavenly Father, I praise you for filling me with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Let me use it for Your glory. As I pray and think about how I can serve you today through work, appointments, and chores, fill my head with ideas how I can love those around me. Help me carve out time in my schedule to search the dreams you’ve placed in my heart and bring them to fulfillment. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Acts 8:9-13 – What can we learn from the story of Simon the Sorcerer? – Part 1

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