Bible Study Devotional – Day 219 – Commentary Luke 9:27 – Who will we see in the kingdom of God?

“Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:27)

I write Christian fantasy because I’m fascinated with the kingdom of God and the spiritual world it encompasses. When we enter it, we’ll meet Jesus, His apostles, and the Old Testament prophets. I’ll be able to thank the angel(s) who saved my daughter’s life when she fell out of a tall oak tree and was run over by a car. We get a glimpse of the kingdom of God with the upcoming transfiguration.

Jesus’ disciples were still learning who Jesus was. Jesus was about to prove that He’s greater than the greatest Old Testament prophet, Elijah, and greater than Moses, the poster child for Old Testament law. He has already shown He has God’s power to heal and raise a person from the dead. Now Jesus will prove He knows the future. Elijah, the greatest Old Testament prophet, who entered the spiritual world in his chariot of fire without dying, did those same things. That’s why the Jews were saying Jesus is Elijah. In eight days, Peter, John, and James will witness the transfiguration, a preview of the kingdom of God. Without tasting death, they’ll learn how Jesus is different and greater than Elijah.

Dear Heavenly Father, help me be more sensitive to the kingdom of God. It is near because you are near. Thank you for the angels you will send to help when I need them. Thank you for Jesus, the just King who rules Your kingdom. And thank you for the hope of heaven, a place where we’ll reunite with our loved ones, a refuge where no tears will be shed. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Bible Study Devotional – Day 219 – Commentary Luke 9:27 – Who will we see in the kingdom of God?

4 thoughts on “Bible Study Devotional – Day 219 – Commentary Luke 9:27 – Who will we see in the kingdom of God?

  1. You and I have often talked about who we will see in the Kingdom of Heaven. We have laughed because we both have said that we will be very surprised about who is there. There are only two people that I would not want to personally see in Heaven. Yet, I am pretty sure that I will see them. It is hard for me to think that I would be happy about seeing them but Heaven is love and I am sure that I would have a different attitude than I do now on Earth. Mostly I look forward to seeing everyone I love so dearly that have gone before me. We all have the hope of heaven and should be grateful for that.

    1. I know for sure dad is there. I’m sure you remember him wanting Jesus just before he died. He is the person I am most anxious to see in heaven because he will have learned to treat his daughters like princesses. I can hardly wait to be in Dad’s arms again as well as Jesus’.

  2. I do remember Dad wanting to be with Jesus before he died. He called to go home and be with Him a few times before he died. I know that dad was more than ready to go and it was comforting to know that he was at peace. I guess I am a little surprised that Dad is the one you most look forward to being with in Heaven. Dad had some issues, but then I guess we all do since none of us are perfect. But Dad had great faith. I know you have his Bible and that book tells a lot about Dad. I am glad that you have his Bible because I think that was the most important book in his life.

    1. Okay, so maybe it’s a tie between Dad and my child and my brother, both who died before birth. I want so much to know my child and my brother, but I know they’re perfect because they’ve always lived in heaven. How great will it be to see a changed father who I am sure will be first in line to hug me and welcome me to heaven. Who do you most look forward to seeing in heaven? — someone who has already passed on.

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