Bible Study Devotional – Day 166 – Commentary Luke 6:25b-26 – Does God want Christians to be happy?

Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep. Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets. (Luke 6:25b-26)

 In this coronavirus pandemic one of the old tv series we’ve watched is Sue Thomas, FBI. In one of the shows an old high school friend invites Sue to her wedding. Sue reluctantly goes and the popular kids from her high school, now grown up, still laugh, make fun of her, and snub her because she’s deaf.

 Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Jesus wants Christians to laugh but not at the expense of others.  He wants us to know we are popular with Him but warns us that we shouldn’t live to be popular by following the rules of the world.

 Father God, Help me to count my blessings and be happy today. Show me someone who needs my empathy today, and help me make that person feel better.

Bible Study Devotional – Day 166 – Commentary Luke 6:25b-26 – Does God want Christians to be happy?

4 thoughts on “Bible Study Devotional – Day 166 – Commentary Luke 6:25b-26 – Does God want Christians to be happy?

  1. Yes, God wants us to be happy. You talk about the TV series that you are watching and people at a wedding are making fun of a classmate who is deaf. WOW! It is so hard to go through the high school drama, especially the girl drama. How do people who do this feel? Are they happy that they hurt someone? Do they ever stop and think about their actions? I went to my 10 year class reunion and I had very uncomfortable feelings about being there. I decided I would never go to another reunion. I just wanted to say, “People grow up!” All the carrying on, like they were still high school cheerleaders. Thankfully, as an adult, I am happy that I can pick friends who have substance and enjoy and love my family. I am fortunate and happy!

    1. You are a great friend and sister. I am happy God blessed me with you. I never went to my high school reunions. The only reunion I was at was the MYF reunion and, of course, that was a happy occasion. My two best high school friends chose not to be my friends after I was divorced. That was sad!

  2. Speaking about class reunions, I just got my invitation to my 50th. That seems impossible! I remember when Mom and Dad went to theirs. I do not feel the compulsion to go at all. Good thing as it is the same weekend as Jamie’s wedding. I hope that they all have a good time but I know that I will have more fun where I am going.

    1. Your 50th high school reunion — that’s crazy! Means mine will be coming up in 3 years. I would like to go to a college reunion for my PT class but none has ever been planned. You will have fun at Jamie’s wedding and won’t it be great to be able to go to a wedding after being cooped up for so long!

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