Blog – Day 2 -How can we spread God’s love in our home towns?

Many of us don’t give money to homeless people because we’re afraid they will spend it on drugs or alcohol.  I carry $5 McDonald’s gift cards in my wallet and write on them with marker, “God answers prayer.” Even if they aren’t homeless, beggars probably need God’s love passed on to them more than we do.  How do you, as an individual or part of a group, spread God’s love? Also share experiences of how a stranger, coworker or friend has passed on love to you.  Please pass on ideas of how we can spread God’s love in our communities.

Blog – Day 2 -How can we spread God’s love in our home towns?

2 thoughts on “Blog – Day 2 -How can we spread God’s love in our home towns?

  1. The first thing that came to my mind was how a stranger passed on love and kindness to me and my client. It was a cold and snowy winter evening and I was trying to get a disabled client into a fast food restaurant. A young man, in his twenties, helped me with the door and into the restaurant. It was so appreciated as I was having trouble negotiating the snow, and the door with my client in a wheelchair. I went to the counter to place my order and when it was time to pay he was right next to me and took care of the bill. I turned to thank him and ask him why. His reply was his brother was also handicapped and he appreciated people, like me, who served and love people with disabilities. It sent chills up my spine and made me cry. He asked me to pay it forward. I hope I always remember to pay it forward and spread God’s love.

    1. Thanks, Pam, for sharing your wonderful story. Sweet stories like this are so encouraging! I hope others will also share their stories to encourage us and give us ideas of how to help others! I know you will pass God’s love on!

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